Fawaterak is the easiest e-payment tool for online merchants.

Integrate your store with your Fawaterak account and enjoy several unique and innovative features to better support your business.

Collect Your Money From Wherever It Is!

Collect Your Money From Wherever It Is!

Design an Invoice Unique to Your Store

Control Your Bill Management

Control Your Bill Management

Enjoy Complete Security of Your Payments

Fawaterak offers you:

Easily Track Your Performance

fawaterak offers you:

Easily Track Your Performance

fawaterak offers you:

Improve Your Trade Performance

Steps to Register with Fawaterak

Create an Account

Enter all your personal, business, and bank data, and register for free without registration fees!

Link Your Account

Connect your account with your online store and configure your settings on both these platforms.

Design Your Invoice

Design your invoice template with your store logo to instantly issue it at every payment.

Receive Payments

You’re now ready to receive your customers' payments at any time, from anywhere.

2500+ Egyptian companies trust Fawaterak


There are none; you can link your Fawaterak account with an online store designed with the help of any online store design platform or website.

There are no subscription fees when you register with Fawaterak, what is deducted is the commission of your payments only.

Fawaterak sets a standard commission rate regardless of the amount of your payment, which is 2.75% + 3 EGP only.

Your customer doesn’t have to have a Fawaterak account – they can just transfer money to you from anywhere using bank cards or by Fawry.

There is no invoice template! You have the freedom to design your invoice as you find appropriate, and you can even put your logo on it.

You can easily withdraw your money as soon as it hits your bank account via your bank card or by going to the bank.

You can receive your customers’ payments in any currency from all over the world.

Fawaterak is Specially Designed With All eCommerce Business Needs in Mind

We strive to make the task of collecting your money and profits easier and smarter for you and your customers anytime and anywhere!