A complete system to manage your hotel and receive payments in the easiest and fastest way with Fawaterak & Otel Spider

Providing you with everything you need for your hotel online presence

With Otel Spider & Fawaterak all your hotel services in one place

A complete system to manage your hotel from one place!

Web Design & Development

Booking Engine

Guest Review

eCommerce Services

Channel Manager

Social Wifi

Create a unique website for your hotel linked to the payment gateway Fawaterak

1- Contact "Otel Spider" team to start the process smoothly

2- Signup to "Fawaterak" to collect your online payments

3- You will easily achieve the highest ROI

ما هي منصة فواتيرك

فواتيرك هى الاختيار الأول لرواد الأعمال لتسهييل البيع والدفع أونلاين

ماذا تقدم فواتيرك

تقدم المنصة كل ما تحتاجه لتسهييل حلول التجارة الإلكترونية والدفع الإلكتروني لمعاملاتك من أي مكان بطرق أكثر موثوقية وعالية التقنية

We provide you with the easiest integrated payment methods without any administrative fees

More than 13 payment methods to facilitate the collection of payments.

Get an integrated system for your hotel with ease with Fawaterak & Otel Spider

And get the necessary tools to improve your hotel's presence within the online hotel sector, enhance the reservations process, and achieve your goals professionally, with the ability to link multiple electronic payment solutions. ​

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