Entrepreneurs' 1st choice to Sell online and accept online Payments

Smart solutions for faster selling online and accept online payments from anywhere in the most reliable and high-tech ways.

Entrepreneurs' 1st. choice to streamline payments flow

Smart solutions for faster flow of your financial transactions from anywhere in the most reliable and high-tech ways..

Our features

A single platform to Sell any where and accept payments locally and globally ,any time, on any device.

Invoicing System

Avoid cancellations & transferring problems with our simple, advanced invoicing system.

The Lowest Fees

Whatever the amount of your
transaction, you will pay for the paid amount

Multiple Methods

Get a variety of payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, Meeza, Fawry, Mobile wallets, cash collection, etc.)

Data Force

Get advantage of your customer data to increase your sales via drive ad campaigns and direct offers.

Periodic Reports

Always be in the know and track your business performance with detailed reports and constant alerts.

No Surprise Fees

With Fawaterak, you’ll pay
only for your transactions. No
administrative expenses & no
monthly subscription.

Our trusted partner

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Steps to get started

Create an account

Complete your details on our online form and start testing.


Apply for a live account and complete all integration steps.

Configure your live account

Adjust risk settings, payment methods, and more.

Go live

Start sending and receiving payments around the world with Fawaterak.