Get Different payment methods and manage all from one account.

Save time, effort and increase the likelihood of sales by widening accessibility for customers with a variety of different payment types, You can track your customers to get analytics reports for all your services and saving your customer data to send them offers to increase your sales.

No problem if you don't have website

With fawaterk you can customize your business profile whatever your Business is E-commerce, Freelancer, Caoch, Events, you can start Using Fawaterk customized templates.

Our Exciting feature And Service

We provide you with the best tools and paymnet methods to start and grow your online business ,check some of it

How It Work

Three Simple Steps to Start collect payments ,



First step ,You need to register as a business Owner (Seller)from Registeration form page.



Take a minute to discover our simple dashboard and ask us if need any help in this


Go on Business

Now you can start collect your money through our Invoicing syatem or using our applications to setup your Products links

Create your invoices easily , send to customers in less than minutes.


Add New Customer

Add your customers information ,so you can create invoices for them.


Create Customer Invoice

Then go to invoices and craete your first invoice in minute,choose your customer and add your services


Send The Invoice

Now return to view all your invoices and choose how you need to send your invoice by (SMS or e-mail)

Create your products Links Now.


choose the best tool for your business

from your dashbaord ,choose which tool fit with your Business from Fawaterk multiple features and tools


Add your items

Add your items with good images quality and complete description


Get your product Link

Get your product Link and publish it gloabally then wait Orders 24/7.

You Can See our clients feedback !